Top 3 Challenges Marketing Leaders Expect to Face in 2023

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As the marketing landscape evolves at breakneck speed, it can be difficult to know what areas you should concentrate on or enhance in 2023 and beyond. To make things simpler for you, we conducted comprehensive research to identify the principal challenges that global and U.S. marketing executives anticipate for 2023, so you can effectively plan ahead!

Adopt a data-driven strategy

As we all brace ourselves for a potential recession, companies will undoubtedly feel its cumulative effects in 2023. With tightened budgets and decreased marketing spend, a data-driven approach to campaigns is essential if businesses want their efforts to be as effective and rewarding as possible.

Marketers are under immense pressure to succeed in the internet’s ever-changing landscape. Not only is consumer media behavior evolving, but so too are advertising strategies. As Google delays its cookie deprecation, it is essential for us to keep tabs on 40% of browsers today who won’t be receiving signals anymore once the policy goes into effect. To stay ahead of this race and perform at our highest potentials, we must stay up-to-date with these key changes!

Keeping up with new trends

As a marketer in 2023, it can be hard to determine which trends are essential for your business and which ones should be avoided. In 2022 alone, we saw an increase of branded audio content and augmented reality (AR) experiences — two marketing trends that will undoubtedly continue into this year as well. Staying on top of the latest developments was difficult last year and unfortunately these challenges remain today.

You can also ask your customers which trends are important to them. This data can help you comprehend the themes that currently matter most to your crowd. Once you have a list of appealing marketing movements, why not trial run them on a minimal scale in order to observe how they work for your business?

Leveraging my CRM to its fullest potential

As marketers plan ahead to 2023, they are likely worried about the best methods of taking full advantage of their CRM. A well-managed CRM can be a game changer in terms of marketing, sales and service — but it is only beneficial if you have an accurate understanding on how to utilize yours correctly. As this powerful tool requires time investments as well as skillful navigation, many may feel overwhelmed at attempting such feats!

Take your CRM to the next level by investing in a software that integrates all of your other tools. You can also harness its full potential by finding an untapped use case for it — identify any gaps or challenges with existing processes and show how those issues are solvable with features from the CRM, ultimately creating a more connected atmosphere within your organization.

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