Don’t Neglect Your Linked Page: Here’s Why


Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help businesses get their name out to the world in their own unique way. When people talk about social media, those three options are usually the ones that come to mind first, but there is another that’s often underused. LinkedIn is a great tool your company shouldn’t neglect. Read on to find out why:

SEO and Google Ranking

When a company has set up a LinkedIn profile, it can have a beneficial impact on their SEO value. With a profile, companies are usually ranked in a higher position on the Google results page when anyone searches for your company. SEO and ranking on Google are necessary components for any business today. Creating a LinkedIn company profile can help.

Brand Awareness

Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn is the more professional way for a company to showcase their brand. You’ll always be able to update your company’s profile, so it can show the most current information about your business and how people can get in touch with you. It’s also a good place for a brief introduction of what your company stands for.

Networking Opportunities

LinkedIn can also be a great place to network with potential clients and customers! It can help you meet other people in your industry and connect with brands similar to yours. With 1st – 3rd degree connections, it’s simple to research companies and build relationships and help your business grow.

Finding New Employees

If you’re trying to grow your business, you’ll ultimately need more employees. LinkedIn is also a great source when looking for new people to onboard in your company. You can see if you have a relationship with a candidate, send a direct message, and see who is looking at your profile page.  LinkedIn also makes it easy to recruit new people by allowing you to post your job to LinkedIn and the Job Search app.

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