Which SEO Metrics Matter Most in Marketing?

By frequently testing and making changes to your SEO strategy, you can overtime identify which parts are useful and which areas need some more work. Having strong metrics in place will be key for identifying these trends.

If you’re debating which SEO metrics to focus on, know that you’re not alone. Is it Organic traffic? Leads? Keyword rankings? Conversions? It’s tough to decide what really matters.

Focus on the metrics that tie directly back to revenue

If you want to spend your time and resources most efficiently, focus on the metrics that connect back to revenue. To accurately evaluate your content in this way, create a spreadsheet that monitors all of your posts with the highest conversion rates. Even if those posts don’t generate the most website traffic, they’re still valuable based on their performance history – so it’s worth improving them further.

Don’t forget about branded keyword search volume

If you’re focused on growing brand awareness, then pay close attention to this metric. You can tell if your efforts are successful by monitoring branded keyword search volume – if it’s increasing over time, then that means your strategy is working. To increase brand awareness, consider co-marketing campaigns, sponsored events, or new types of content such as podcasting.

Consider click-through rate

With Google searches now frequently ending without a click, it can be tough to generate high click-through rates. Content that is instructive and useful, including long-tail keywords, isn’t only for attracting readers. It’s also essential for developing trust and creating stronger relationships with your audience.

Your approach to SEO in 2023 largely depends on what your marketing goals are. Once you have considered those, identify which metrics will help show how well your strategy backs up those goals.

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