Digital Marketing

When you engage Princeton Internet Marketing you get more than just a company that executes online marketing campaigns.

Web Development

At Princeton Internet Marketing, our web development division works closely with our clients to define and implement a comprehensive business web strategy.


We all require tools and resources to help keep us in touch with industry updates especially in the digital marketing arena.


With over 40 cumulative years of Digital Marketing, Programming, and Web Design experience, Princeton Internet Marketing has successfully launched dozens of businesses into the online world. Our innovative approach to creating online digital solutions for our partners has enabled us to establish ourselves as a digital advertising agency and web development company specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Digital Marketing, and Web Advertising. Our approach is not one of customer and client, but of a partnership that is there to create an atmosphere of success for any type of business that is looking for a thriving presence online.

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  • Princeton Internet Marketing gave me a start in the field of writing for the web and now I am hooked. I am happy to be one of the people who help keep our clients informed and up to date with fresh content.

    Carol, Content Manager

  • I am someone who loves creativity and Princeton has plenty of it to go around. We provide people with several different options for their sites and that keeps my job very interesting.

    Michael, Front End Web Developer

  • I have worked with Princeton Internet Marketing as a Software Developer for over 5 years. It is a pleasure to work with a talented group like Princeton. I have many years of development experience and serve as an asset to all the clients and people I work with.

    Ismail, Software Developer

  • Princeton Internet Marketing gives me the ability to implement all of my web development ideas and more. Everyday I have an opportunity to help keep our clients satisfied with all of our services.

    Miller, Full Stack Senior Developer

  • I manage all of Princeton Internet Marketing’s PPC Campaigns. I am Google certified in Adwords and have a degree in economics which helps me have the insight to keep everyone I deal with informed.

    Tyler, SEM Account Manager

  • I enjoy coming up with new and interesting ways to create and package information for Princeton Internet Marketing and its roster of impressive clients. There are always new products and services that we promote, and constantly developing and improving our approach makes every day a fascinating challenge.

    Larry, Writer

  • At Princeton Internet Marketing, our team and its energy provide the platform on which all of our success stands. There are good things in store for this team, the company and all of our clients. Prepare for greatness.

    Elaine, Digital Content Director

  • Meghan Lalonde

    Social and digital media changes constantly and it’s always a battle to stay relevant. I love spotting trends in the industry and keeping up with them. I’m excited to bring my skill set and experience as a digital and social media specialist to the Princeton Internet Marketing team.

    Meghan, Client Manager & Social Media Manager

  • Princeton Internet Marketing challenges me everyday to keep up with all of the information we manage.
    I have a degree in Accounting and look forward to sharpening all of my finance skills here at Princeton.

    Nicole, Finance Manager

  • I started programming when I was the age of 12. At Princeton Internet Marketing, I am a software developer that develops back-end technologies and desktop applications. I enjoy working at Princeton and look forward to all of the creative opportunities that I know working with Brad and the team at Princeton will provide.

    Kyle, Software Developer

  • I started Princeton Internet Marketing because I saw a need to bridge the gap between traditional marketing and the digital realm. Also, I had always dreamed of running an advertising agency. When you love what you do, that translates easily into success for everyone. It’s a win win for all, which is ultimately the end goal.

    Brad, Owner & Founder

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